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Release time:2020-06-01 Number:172

2020 annual work plan of Linhai Duqiao Pipeline Gas Co., Ltd

1、 Guiding ideology
The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities and new challenges. We should take on new missions with new working ideas and new working methods. To this end, establish new objectives.
2、 Key work and measures
In 2020, the company will work hard towards the goal set by the board of directors and earnestly complete all tasks. We will continue to improve the infrastructure of urban pipe networks, make good preparations for the gas use in residential areas under construction, focus on the development of industrial gas, strengthen the department responsibility system, institutionalize operation management, normalize safety work, and standardize and improve gas supply services.
Urban gas industry is a high-risk industry. All departments of the company should fully understand the extreme importance of safety work in the gas industry, put safety work first in the company's business activities, and strive to promote sound and rapid development of the company, maintain social stability and build a harmonious society. The company must bear in mind the safety management concept of "no safety, no gas company", conscientiously implement the work policy of safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management, adhere to the people-oriented principle, focus on preventing major safety production responsibility accidents, strengthen the implementation of various safety management systems, safety production responsibility systems, post responsibilities, operation procedures and technical standards, and standardize safety The whole production management behavior, strive to build a long-term mechanism of production safety. Further improve the emergency rescue and guarantee mechanism for major accidents. According to the emergency plan, carry out drill activities of various plans, strengthen emergency rescue training and on-site drill for improper use of fire faults by residents, and practically improve the ability to deal with risks and accidents. For the emergency rescue team, emergency vehicles, tool vehicles and all kinds of rescue tools and instruments shall be equipped to further improve the emergency rescue management system. Continue to strengthen safety education and training, and improve the safety management quality of employees. We will improve the management system of major hazard sources and keep them under control. Carry out the construction of safety and quality standardization system, comprehensively improve the level of safety construction and management, and ensure the smooth and efficient production and operation.

The general idea of work safety management in 2020 is to adhere to one center, implement two aspects, strengthen three aspects of management, and promote the implementation of safety and quality standardization. Adhere to one center: adhere to the prevention of accidents, safe and stable gas supply as the center, and all work should be prevention first, prevention first. To do two things well: to fulfill the responsibility is to grasp the safety economic responsibility and safety administrative responsibility of all levels, departments and posts. The implementation of the system means the implementation of the technical system and the management system. Strengthen the management in three aspects: first, strengthen the troubleshooting and governance of hidden dangers, eliminate the unsafe state of things, unsafe behaviors of people and management defects in time, and create good conditions for production and operation. Second, strengthen the education and training of safety production, improve the comprehensive quality of safety production of employees, and minimize the unsafe behavior of people. Third, strengthen the basic management work, guarantee the safety production work according to the standardization, standardization and scientificization, divide the revisited households according to the area, make the responsibility to the person, and focus on the troubleshooting and elimination of the hidden dangers of gas stoves, water heaters, meters, hoses and clamps.

All departments of the company shall conscientiously implement the national safety production policies and relevant laws, regulations and standards, and establish and improve the safety production responsibility system level by level. Further adjust, revise and improve the existing safety production responsibility system of the company, such as safety management system, post responsibilities, operation procedures and work standards. At the same time, we should strengthen supervision and ensure that there are rules to follow. The general manager of the company shall sign the safety responsibility letter with each management department and main person in charge. The responsibility shall be investigated in strict accordance with the letter of responsibility to ensure that the person in charge is responsible and the person in charge is responsible, and the safety responsibility system shall be implemented at all levels. For the key work and key links of safety production, it is necessary to rely on the prior command, timely eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety production. By standardizing their own production and operation processes, standardized and refined management can be realized to ensure that the system and procedures are implemented to each post and each link, so as to prevent all kinds of accidents. The monthly regular inspection and irregular spot check shall be combined. The inspection and spot check shall be recorded and filed in time. The rectification record shall be made for the rectification situation, so as to realize the standardization of safety and quality, promote the company to establish a long-term mechanism of self-restraint and continuous improvement of safety production, comprehensively improve the level of safety management, and ensure the goal of zero accidents of safety production responsibility in the whole year.
Continue to add the safety management of the road network of the atmospheric station, create a good safety production environment, and maintain the facilities, equipment, early warning system and alarm system in a timely manner. On the basis of consolidating the achievements in hidden danger control and safety production, this year will be carried out from the following three aspects: 1. Highlight the key points and strengthen inspection. Strengthen the patrol inspection of major hazard sources such as gas station and medium pressure pipeline, and special sections such as pipeline crossing, crossing, slope, collapsible ground, etc., and rectify immediately in case of any problem. Strengthen the supervision on the phenomenon of illegal pipeline pressing and occupation, and strive to eliminate the situation of illegal pipeline pressing in the bud according to the principle of finding one place and dealing with one place. 2. Take strict measures and pay close attention to rectification. In the process of troubleshooting, we should adhere to the principle of "four don't let go", and rectify and assess the problems found in the inspection according to the four fixed measures. If the rectification is not completed within the specified time, the assessment shall be doubled. We should take the difficult problems that have been delayed for a long time as the key target, and never allow the occurrence of the phenomenon of no further examples. We will improve the standing book for the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and further intensify the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. 3. Clarify responsibilities and strengthen cooperation. In the process of hidden danger investigation, the responsibilities of each department shall be clarified, and the safety responsibility system covering the whole company shall be continuously improved. According to the principle of who is in charge and who is in charge of inspection, responsibilities should be implemented at all levels.
Further strengthen the company level safety production pre job training and post retraining. Organize training and review of operators and special types of work on a regular basis. Regularly organize the safety management personnel of the company's organs and the first person in charge of the gas station to obtain the safety qualification certificate for training and retraining. The training shall highlight universality, regularity and efficiency, improve the actual operation ability of employees and the ability to identify and judge safety accidents, hidden dangers and dangers through training. Innovate the construction of enterprise safety culture, vigorously create a safety atmosphere, give full play to the role of enterprise safety culture construction in enterprise management, adhere to enhance the concept in practice, strengthen the construction of safety culture with the perspective of development, and adapt to the requirements of enterprise safety culture construction. Propagandize the safety concept through various ways, popularize the safety common sense, guide and educate all employees to establish the concept of safety as the heaven, make safety become the conscious action of employees, and integrate the words, deeds and actions of employees. Hold at least two large-scale publicity and consultation activities on the use of common sense of liquefied gas to realize the interaction between the company and users, and jointly build a safety firewall.
Strengthen the supervision of infrastructure construction to ensure the quality and safety of the project. This year, the company plans to lay 12800m Dunan Avenue pipeline, which will be synchronized with the municipal sewage pipe network, with an estimated investment of 3 million yuan. Complete the preliminary approval work of Zhennan Industrial Park. Completed the courtyard project of rainbow one, country garden, golden academy, etc. Every project has budget before the project, no waste in the project, and settlement after completion, so as to create greater benefits for the company. Strengthen the supervision and inspection before, during and after the construction to prevent construction safety accidents. Before construction, the legal procedures for project construction shall be strictly implemented, the qualifications of design unit, construction unit, supervision unit and equipment and material manufacturer shall be strictly examined, and the qualification examination and safety access shall be strictly controlled. During the construction, strengthen the supervision of the construction workers, improve the safety production awareness and operation level of the construction unit and construction workers, and enhance the self-protection ability and emergency response ability. Strengthen on-site supervision and inspection, strengthen supervision on key parts and key links, implement safety measures, strictly check and control, and eliminate potential accidents. At the time of completion acceptance, all relevant units and departments shall be highly responsible, strictly accept and earnestly perform the relevant signing procedures.
The company will continue to improve the rules and regulations, strict attendance system. According to different production positions, further improve the company's target management assessment method and safety management manual. Strengthen the management of goods and put an end to waste. Strengthen financial management, strictly follow the regulations, strengthen the control of cost and expense, and strictly check the rationality and legality of various expenses. We will continue to strengthen the accounting and supervision of inventories and improve the efficiency of the use of funds. Do a good job in financial analysis and provide effective reference for leaders in time. Actively evaluate the operation standard of our company by superior competent department.
Service hall is our company's window, to achieve a beautiful environment, quality service. The company shall create conditions to serve customers, improve service quality, optimize business processes, formulate and issue the "run once" gas service management system, sort out the list of "run once" service items, and constantly expand the scope of "run once" gas handling items. It has achieved better gas security services, shorter business processing time and higher professional management efficiency.
Gas companies upgrade their services, expand their service objects, simplify the gas handling process of enterprises, provide comprehensive services such as business acceptance, fault repair, emergency rescue, complaint and so on for gas companies, so that enterprises can "run at most once".
3、 Work objectives
1. All departments should innovate in management, deepen assessment objectives, improve assessment system and find out management mode with company characteristics.
2. Prepare for the evaluation of franchise standards.
3. Actively assist the town government to make a special plan for natural gas of Duqiao pipeline. The municipal pipe network is 12800m (Dunan Avenue).
4. To expand Zhennan industrial zone and medical park as the main direction of attack, around large enterprises to do the article. At the same time, we completed the courtyard projects of rainbow one, country garden, golden academy, etc.
5. Focusing on the prevention of major safety accidents, we will pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, continue to create a good environment for safe gas transmission, and continue to increase the intensity of line patrol.
6. In order to reduce the safety of gas users, the return visit rate reached 85%.
In 2020, there will be challenges as well as opportunities. We need to work hard and strive together to create a better future for the company with an indomitable spirit and an indomitable attitude.